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Interactive speed camera map

For my Ottawa Citizen story about 23 new speed cameras being built across Ottawa in 2023, I made a map detailing the location of each camera and the purpose for adding it.

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Audio voicer story - One World Bazaar

For my third-year audio journalism class, I created a voicer or a radio news story about how a local artisan craft market called One World Bazaar. It operates for a few weeks every year in October and November. My story focused on how the market adjusted its operations to sustain revenue and survive during the COVID-19 pandemic and what the new owner's plans were to guarantee sustained success in the future.

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The Adams Hockey Podcast

For a sports journalism class, one of my colleagues Adam and I analyzed how each NHL team improved from the previous season, and just under two weeks into the 2022/23 NHL season when this episode was made, we predicted which teams would finish top four in their divisions and therefore make the playoffs. Take a listen to see how we thought each division would stack up.

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Live tweeting sporting events

The following three Twitter threads give a play-by-play of the action and analyze in depth the crucial events of various OUA sporting events like the Women's Hockey Colonel By Classic between Carleton and Ottawa, the Men's Basketball OUA semifinal between Carleton and Queens, and Super Bowl 57 between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs.

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TV package story - Carleton mask mandate

For my third-year video journalism class, my colleague and I Kristjan planned, scripted, wrote, filmed, and edited a full video package story on Carleton's decision to elect to keep their mask mandate for students and staff despite the Government of Ontario dropping it. Students had mixed reactions on whether keeping the mandate to ensure everyone's safety was the right call.

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The Marinelli Podcast - My Sports Podcast

My sports podcast, called the Marinelli Podcast, is where I upload occasional videos discussing the most recent sports news, and recapping or analyzing the results of sports games or off-season events like the draft and trade deadline. I also predict the results of certain games or how the playoff picture in various leagues will look. This video predicted how the 2023 NFL playoff seeding will look in the AFC and NFC conferences before week 18 action.

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Ravens vs Queens OUA semifinal.JPG

Head coach Taffe Charles giving Ravens instruction during a timeout in the OUA semis against Queens. Photo: Adamo Marinelli

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