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Adamo's Substack

Project type

Journalism, Writing, Editing


January 2024 - present



My Substack is an additional location where I can post various high-quality articles -- such as previews, prediction pieces, recaps, features/profiles, and in-depth analytical pieces -- covering many major professional and university-level sports. It is my very own sports blog on a reputable platform which helps me grow an audience.

I mainly produce content previewing, recapping or analyzing NFL games, recapping NHL and PWHL hockey games, and covering university sports, (particularly hockey, football, and basketball), however, I also excel at in-depth analytical pieces.

This analytical Toronto FC piece, which explains how and why TFC has started the 2024 MLS season very well, highlights differences between trends and patterns in their game from previous seasons compared to this season to explain their better form in 2024. It also uses numerous statistics and in-depth analysis of TFC's formation, tactics, playstyle, and the high chemistry between all the players to show just how much they've improved and just how crucial of a role their new manager has played in the team's growth and improvement.

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